Poor No Wife

I wonder what the town where this taxi is headed will be like 

I dare say all the married men there must be very rich.

And I can sense the bitterness with which the founding fathers of this town named it, and the pride with which the founding mothers accepted it

Anyway I couldn’t agree more to the name of the town “MBAA MP3 OHIAA”(WOMEN DON’T LIKE POVERTY).

  • I believe there are  several other towns in Ghana which have similar names

I love Ghana

+228 I LOVE YOU 

Whenever I hear Togo, I remember Coco Beach and Hotel Bijoux

Then I go on to remember our family house in Ahajikpota, a suburb of Lome,My aunties and numerous cousins and the sound of my grandmother’s sewing machine(as a child I wondered if she ever left that machine)

Then I remember how glad they are when we visit “Ghana to’o va lo!!”(The Ghana people have arrived) theyd exclaim upon seeing us

These are the fondest memories of my childhood in Togo which are incomplete without the joy I always felt on weekends when we get to visit Coco Beach on commercial scooters

Vivre Le Togo

Je vous aime +228


Understanding my life has been my biggest problem 

Difficult than any arithmetic or algebra 

It is like trying to find something that isn’t there, like looking for falcons in the deep blue sea 

Thus  when asked about the purpose of my life, I draw a blank, not because I’m arrogant,but because there is no answer to the question of my purpose